Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

WINEMAKING This wine was crafted to provide an alcohol-removed option that still exhibits typical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc characteristics. We create premium, full-strength Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, before using advanced spinning cone technology to gently remove first the aroma, and then the alcohol. The delicate aroma is collected and recombined with the wine to maintain its distinctive nose. The final blend retains weight and mouthfeel with a small amount of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grape juice and natural yeast proteins to build texture, without adding sugar. This results in a dry, refreshing style of non-alcholic wine with low calories.

TASTE PROFILE This alcohol-removed wine offers delicate aromas of fresh lime, redcurrant and lemon shortbread. Delicious citrus flavours followed by distinct blackcurrant and passionfruit notes define this premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The wine finishes crisp and dry, with a mouth-watering juicy brightness that leaves you reaching for a second sip. You’ll find it light, fresh, and invigorating - perfect for enjoying at home, out with friends and family, or any time you’d prefer a glass of wine without the after-effects.

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    1. Giesen SB

      This alcohol free SB is definitely one of the best alcohol free sav blancs that I have tried, and I have given many a try. Alot of AF drinks seem to overcompensate with sugar but this one is dry and fresh. on 20th Jan 2022

    2. Giesen 0% Sauv Blanc

      I've tried just about all the alcohol free whites i can find, and this one is the best. Bursting with NZ S Blanc flavour. Recomended. on 8th Dec 2021

    3. Great taste

      I really love the taste of this, don't even miss the Alcohol. on 12th Nov 2021

    4. Powerful Citrus overtones

      The 0.5% alcohol is the reason for my purchase along with the low calorie count, to counter the Covid Kilo count.
      However I found the citrus taste in the wine rather strong initially, although it does become somewhat less bothersome as one's taste buds become accustomed to the taste.
      on 10th Oct 2021

    5. Geisen, one of the best 0% alcohol wines

      Very few 0% alcohol wines are palatable to me but this one is a game changer. Very drinkable with a light and fresh NZ Sav Blanc renowned flavor. If you are looking for an alternative to wine with alcohol then this is definitely worth a try. All you lose is the hangover. on 6th Oct 2021

    6. Wonderful non alcoholic wine

      I found this wine when it was first released and and ordered from OurCellar (best price I could find). It definitely has the NZ Sauv Blanc taste and I love that I can drink this wine whenever I want and I never get a hangover with very low calories. A great combination. I definitely recommend this product. on 30th Jun 2021

    7. Geisen 0% Alcohol White Wine

      The whole ordering process was really easy, goods arrived as I was told they would, well packed and left at my front door.
      The wine itself is great, still feels like you are drinking wine without the alcohol, great initiative ! tastes great
      on 3rd May 2021

    8. Best dealcoholised wine I've tried

      I've tried a lot of dealcoholised wine, mostly chardonnays, as that is my preference in a wine containing alcohol.
      This is the first wine I have tried which is palatable and reminds me of actual wine, even though I wouldn't normally like sauvignon blanc with alcohol. Go figure! I highly recommend it as a substitute for wine containing alcohol.
      on 28th Apr 2021

    9. Great Alcohol Free Option

      I thought I would try this as it had great reviews and I was looking for an option. It took me a few glasses to get used to the flavour, and although others have said it's exactly like the alcohol version I found it a bit different and a little sour. But I am used to it now and have bought a few times on-line. Feeling so much better and healthier drinking this and enjoy it. Would recommend to anyone to give it a try. on 18th Mar 2021

    10. Best 0% wine I've tried, highly recommend

      I absolutely love this wine. i found it at the top of an online list of best 0% alcohol wines and ordered a couple of bottles from OurCellar (best price I could find). It definitely has the real NZ Sauv Blanc taste and I love that I can guzzle it whenever I want and I never get a hangover or pile on the pounds, but still feel like I'm 'having a drink'. I'm on my third order now and plan to keep on drinking it - I definitely recommend this product. on 1st Feb 2021


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